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The Smart Stuff

CC takes your message and objectives to develop a conference name, theme or tagline to realize your company’s goals. We’ll work with your meeting planning team to help weave the theme throughout your program, from pre-event marketing, to onsite branding, to guiding your speakers on how to incorporate the theme message into their presentations. Your conference, your message, from beginning to end. 


The Details...

Lead Creative Brainstorm Sessions:: 
Will work with your team to uncover the goals and objectives of your event to determine directions for your theme. 
Theme Development::
Utilize the information from our brainstorm to verbalize theme options that touch on all areas of your goals. Themes can range from a single word, to a phrase, to a main theme with supporting statements. The theme for your program will be customized and tailored for your event.
Creative Program Consulting::
Not sure how to take the next step? We will further help your team to weave the theme message throughout your event. From pre-event marketing to your presentations on-site, every element of your program will support your conference theme.  

How can we help with your next event? 

Wordcloud sales meeting themes

words and phrases to set the tone for your theme. brainstorming is a key to success.


Theme name concepts

from there our themes begin to take shape and a select few rise to the top. next step is to choose one and develop creative. 



Presenter - theme highlight

creative direction for our theme is brought to life with visuals. from typography selection to photography and graphic elements, all are combined to tell your story.

Registration Site - theme highlight

your theme and creative are versatile and will engage your audience across a multitude of platforms. your message woven seamlessly throughout your event - pre, onsite and post. 


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